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a murder carried out on agreement with a hired killer

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We explored demographic data about the contract killers, who the targets had been, how they had been murdered, if the killer had been caught, if the killer was already known to the police, and how much they had been paid to carry out the hit," he said.
A source said: "Duggan was a serious criminal and he was close to a man accused in court of being a would-be contract killer.
In earlier joint operations in Lyari, Garden and New Karachi, police and rangers arrested three contract killers.
Collateral (15) Tom Cruise excels as cool contract killer in icy thriller.
In ``Collateral,'' Cruise's gray-haired character is unquestionably a bad guy: a contract killer who forces a cab driver played by Jamie Foxx to drive him around Los Angeles as he knocks off witnesses set to testify in a drug-trafficking trial.
DIRECTOR Michael Mann, whose most recent film was Ali, wants TomCruise to star as a contract killer in his next project,Collateral.
In a negligence action beginning today in the High Court in London the police are being accused of failing to protect the intended victim of a contract killer, raising questions over police strategy and the extent of their duty of care to potential victims in such circumstances.
He said that often murders would be organised in the UK before a contract killer was hired from Jamaica to carry out a shooting.
45pm, Film4 Viggo Mortensen stars as mild-mannered restaurant owner Tom Stall, who kills a pair of criminals while defending his business - making him a local hero and bringing him to the attention of a mobster who arrives in town claiming Stall is a former contract killer.
Series one ended with Finch being kidnapped by a contract killer and skilled computer hacker.
A fourth accused and the contract killer involved Irfan has been sent to police custody in Indore till March 16.
Today, drug dealer William Moore and contract killer and former soldier Darren Waterhouse were beginning life sentences for the murder of Craig Barker, 19.
Cruise plays contract killer Vincent, who has to kill five key witnesses in a massive drugs trial in one night.
He's moving from ``The Last Samurai'' to playing a contract killer in Michael Mann's new movie, ``Collateral,'' another left turn for another great director.
A jailed paedophile who tried to hire a contract killer to murder the little girl he blamed for putting him behind bars was yesterday given a life sentence.