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In February and March 1987, FDA inspectors found "serious violations" of drug law involving the manufacture of Delfen Contraceptive Foam.
At the end of the lecture, I was promptly arrested by members of the vice squad of the Boston police department and charged with two felonies: publicly exhibiting birth control and abortion devices, and giving away a single condom and package of contraceptive foam to a nineteen-year-old, unmarried female student.
The women's health brands of Personal Products Company include MONISTAT(R) 1, MONISTAT(R) 3 and MONISTAT(R) 7 Vaginal Yeast Infection Treatments; URISTAT(R) Urinary Pain Relief Tablets; K-Y(R) Jelly, Liquid and Long Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer; and the ORTHO OPTIONS line of contraceptive products, including ORTHO-GYNOL(R) Contraceptive Jelly, GYNOL II Contraceptive Jelly, CONCEPTROL(R) Contraceptive Gel and Suppositories and DELFEN(R) Contraceptive Foam.
In 1967 birth control advocate Bill Baird was arrested for distributing contraceptive foam to students during a public lecture at Boston College.
In 1967, Baird was arrested in Boston after he distributed contraceptive foam to students during a lecture at Boston University.