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However, only a minority of women expressed favourable attitudes towards the other forms of contraception including "morning after" pill (15% to 32%), contraceptive foam (12% to 18%), the female condom (11% to 20%), and injectable contraception (11%-16%) (Table 4).
While the film is Apothecus' flagship product, the family owned company also markets VCF vaginal contraceptive foam, although not at retail.
The YAPP project decided to recommend use of condoms and a nonoxynol-9 product such as vaginal contraceptive foam or film, for several reasons.
In February and March 1987, FDA inspectors found "serious violations" of drug law involving the manufacture of Delfen Contraceptive Foam.
On April 6, 1967, he lectured at Boston University to more than 2,500 people and, in a prearranged move, handed a nineteen-year-old unmarried woman a free condom and a package of contraceptive foam.