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Synonyms for contrabass

largest and lowest member of the violin family

pitched an octave below normal bass instrumental or vocal range


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The "kaiser musical instrument" is still known today - in Italy they still produce the Contrabasso ad anchia, i.
I myself found especially fascinating the reconstruction of the musical activities for the wedding of Giangaleazzo and Isabella d'Aragona (306-18), which may have occasioned the composition and performance of Josquin Desprez's settings of Virgilian texts (here the Merkleys might have cited Oliver Strunk's article in The Musical Quarterly for 1930); the reconstruction of the musical elements of the Festa del Paradiso (419-21); and the brief account of music (422-23) in the households of Beatrice d'Este Sforza (Ludovico's wife) and Isabella d'Argona Sforza (Giangaleazzo's wife), with its tantalizing references to the lutenist and composer Andrea Cossa, to Beatrice's playing of the "Clavicordo," and to viol players and the singing of three-part songs for soprano, tenor, and contrabasso.
From this time on Universal Edition published practically everything that Schulhoff wrote: the piano Ostinato, which is a playful, sprightly celebration of the birth of his son, the Sonata for Piano dedicated to Thomas Mann, the Deuxieme suite pour piano, the Duo for Violin and Piano with dedication to Leos Janacek, Concertino per flauto, viola e Contrabasso, the 1st Symphony, second string quartet, Cinq etudes de jazz for piano, Deuxieme Sonate pour piano, Sonate pour violon seul, piano Esquisses de jazz, and Ten Syncopated Etudes for piano called Hot Music, mainly pieces from 1923 - 1928.