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Synonyms for contraband

Synonyms for contraband

goods whose importation or exportation or possession is prohibited by law

distributed or sold illicitly

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11) In a letter to Brigadier General Cullum, he directed him to "Find contrabands, and put them to work to pay for food and clothing.
The runaways and contrabands were no longer faceless novelties and no longer fit so neatly into categories.
He is reluctant to have slaves declared freeman, but has no objection to their being declared contrabands.
No longer were contrabands those who wandered into camp after the Union Army captured territory.
4) "The Contrabands at Fortress Monroe," Atlantic Monthly (November 1861), 627.
While nobody could have known at the time, the dynamics explored by the Union Army in dealing with both slaves and contraband would be reflected again at Port Royal, South Carolina and again during Post-war Reconstruction.
Left largely unexplored is the use of runaway slaves and contraband in the Union Army during the opening days and months of the struggle.
It is not clear from the remaining documents if the issue of the place of contraband in Army was ever decisively solved before Congress authorized the raising of black troops.
Cambridge, part of the Union blockade of Confederate ports, and being taken aboard as a contraband sailor.
Diary of a Contraband brings to light an important historical document and opens a window on one remarkable ordinary man's experience of a moment of our national self-definition.
Detects explosives and contrabands automatically by identifying unique elemental signatures;
Unique PFNA material-specific technology identifies elemental chemical signatures of contraband and threat objects