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a member of the guerrilla force that opposed a left-wing government in Nicaragua

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This was sharply impressed upon us when he went about under the Contra Costa Hills and passed us on the other tack fully one hundred feet dead to windward.
It was nip and tuck across to the Contra Costa Hills, neither of us seeming to gain or to lose.
Once more, on these Contra Costa hills, he early came to grief.
Hermann, recovering, put it to me appealingly that I knew very well how unsafe it was to contra dict that fellow.
His image was tarnished, however, by the Iran-Contra affair, in which high-ranking members of his administration arranged for the secret sale of $30 million worth of arms to Iran, with the profits funneled to the right- wing Contra guerrillas fighting a civil war in Nicaragua.
When he campaigned for reelection to the Senate in 1984, Bradley even drew attention to his opposition to contra aid.
RAND's Brian Jenkins was both an apologist for and one of the architects of the contra war against Nicaragua--a terror war aimed primarily at the civilian population and infrastructure.
com to learn how they can enter the Tampico Beverages Dream of Hope Sweepstakes for a chance to join Eva Longoria, national spokesperson for PADRES Contra El Cancer, at the Tampico Beverages El Sueno de Esperanza (Dream of Hope) Gala to be held Wednesday, September 6th at Universal Studios in Hollywood.
May 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- On May 30, 2012, former Contra Costa County Deputy District Attorney Michael Gressett filed a civil lawsuit for a politically motivated malicious prosecution, false arrest, defamation and violation of his constitutional rights.
Escribo en respuesta al editorial de Silicon Jack, Contra viejos fantasmas, publicado en la edicion de mayo.
More broadly, Reagan was conserving his mental resources for the things that mattered, he said: ``rescue of the hostages in Lebanon, Contra aid, strategic defense, abolition of nuclear weapons, moral warfare against communism and continued restoration of the national spirit.
Robert Parry, the first reporter to expose Oliver North's illicit contra operations, predicts "Walsh will be remembered as one man who told the people the truth.
Days later, the Sandinistas in Nicaragua shot down a contra supply plane and exposed Oliver North's covert network, Shvets maintains this was a direct result of his toils.
PADRES Contra El Cancer (PADRES), a non-profit organization committed to improving the quality of life for Latino children with cancer and their families, will hold their annual Tampico Beverages El Sueno de Esperanza (Dream of Hope) Gala on September 6, 2006.
The top-ranked jurisdictions for pavement quality are the eastern Contra Costa County city of Brentwood and the Santa Clara County city of Los Altos, which both recorded three-year average PCI scores of 84.