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a line drawn on a map connecting points of equal height

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Then they lightly trace the outer and inner edges of the contour lines they see with a thin-tipped permanent marker.
Cole acknowledges that Leonardo employed contour lines in the underdrawings of his works.
As we headed back for the ramp, I looked at the iPad and noticed a deep contour line swinging in close to shore next to that culvert.
You can tell when a slope is steep because the contour lines on the topo map are close together.
The maps are very different to now - the way they show molehills and parks and didn't have contour lines.
1 Dishes become part of the landscape with the Dish Drainer Geo from Royal VKB, inspired by geographical contour lines, royalvkb.
Whether these flowers whose contour lines are similar with solar concentrators have condenser functions can provide sufficient light and heat to somewhere flowers need.
John Lilley and Gillie, which can trace its origins to 1812, makes ships' instruments, including magnetic compasses, and also sells a range of 3,500 Admiralty Charts, which map sea depths, coastlines, land and underwater contour lines.
The new models now feature headlights with newly designed contour lines, a modified structure and light technology.
They discuss landform and the language of its design, environmental and functional constraints, contour lines, interpolation and slope formulas, the relationship between design and engineering, storm water management, soil erosion, the design and sizing of management systems, and methods for site dimensioning and layout.
These methods are: the comparison between topographical profiles extracted from DEMs for different types of landforms, the comparison between the contour lines extracted from DEMs and the contour lines from the topographical maps and the comparison between the hydrographical network derived from DEMs and the one from topographical maps.
Patterns are chaotic, from random scribbles to the undulating linear quality of contour lines, or rigidly conventional.
The drawing is made of many thousands of tiny contour lines which mesmerise as you close in on the image.
Callum said: "The contour lines on one side are taken from a map of the Cleveland Hills and balanced on the other by an interpretation of my fingerprint.