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Synonyms for contortion

Synonyms for contortion

the act of twisting or deforming the shape of something (e


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a tortuous and twisted shape or position

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Her eerie contortionism, in particular the 'back bend', has become the signature image of the film, appearing in the trailers and on the poster.
Zuniga's Relacion muy verdadera is unique due not to its negative portrayal of nature, but to the political volatility of its subject matter (a declaration of war against the Habsburg emperor and the murder of dozens of his vassals) and the rhetorical contortionism whereby Zuniga attempted to expunge himself from his own narration.
And my greatest recognition as a performer is that I shouldn't try contortionism on stage without a little warm-up.
Down in the circus ring audiences can marvel at acts of contortionism and blade walking.
With a selection of acts which included some remarkable beatboxing and contortionism, the show added a touch of the theatrical to the night which was embraced by all.
This ironic inversion of claims to persecution, abuse, and victimhood demonstrates the rhetorical and logical contortionism akin to the slander of "reverse-racism" that privileges white injury and facilitates the historical amnesia that, in this case, perpetuates ongoing colonial injustice.
Suitable for all the family, highlights of the show include heart-stopping high-speed acrobatics, incredible and eye-watering contortionism, traditional plate spinning and jar juggling which will see performers catch and throw heavy earthenware pots.
Mary Plazas (the Blue Fairy), Graeme Broadbent (the Ape Judge) and Carole Wilson (the Snail) stood out amongst support roles but for her contortionism alone Rebeccas Bottone as Cricket stole every scene she appeared in.
Dressed in a skimpy top and shorts, the circus performer put on a contortionism show that displayed her flexible frame to the full.
With their small Internet business struggling in the wake of the dot-corn bust, Joe Raby and Cheni Yerushalmi resorted to a little real estate contortionism to help them stay afloat.
In rationalizing their holdings, courts have engaged in analytic contortionism of the highest degree.
Pendulum's newest work features aerial flight, trapeze duets, jazz dance, contortionism and parodies of drunken revelers.
Tom giggled something about contortionism and mixed metaphors, but Mary ignored him--"while Matt's useless for anything except making the tea and sandwiches.
In a further feat of political contortionism the Vale Plaid Cymru leader directs his punches at local government officers, who he refers to as these 'highly paid officers', instead of their political masters for their failure to come up with a funding solution for school building.
28) The resulting article series proved an exercise in historical contortionism, for as Vincent Harding has noted, though Beecher himself did not believe in infant damnation, his effort to disassociate the doctrine from the longer Christian tradition was dubious at best.