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(chemistry) a colloid in which both phases are liquids

a light-sensitive coating on paper or film

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This relationship shows clearly how size can be determined from diffusion speed, provided that the temperature and continuous phase viscosity of the sample are known.
Multiscaling and the classification of continuous phase transitions.
Smooth technology solves many of these shortcomings by operating in a continuous, instead of batch, fashion and adding droplets into the continuous phase through an engineered dispersion plate.
Among the main advantages of impinging stream systems including liquid-solid phases, mention can be made of increase in the relative velocity between solid particles and liquid phase, increase in the residence time of the particles due to the fluctuation of particles in the continuous phase, improvement of the effective area for mass and heat transfer phenomena, and the maximum light attraction due to the dispersion of slurry within the reactor," Seyed Javid Royaee, one of the researchers at Amir Kabir University of Technology, told INIC.
Digital modulation techniques are applied to optical communications systems and networks, in areas such as binary and quadrature amplitude shift keying, phase shift keying, differential shift keying, continuous phase shift keying, frequency shift keying, multilevel modulation, and multi-subcarriers.
It is produced in a complex proprietary and patented process by blending large quantities of EPDM rubber into a small continuous phase of plastic, whilst at the same time chemically crosslinking the rubber phase and controlling the morphology.
At this ratio, the minimum volume fraction of small particles required to form a continuous phase around the large particles is about [V.
As the agitation velocity (or Re) increases, the corrosion rate increases by increasing the oxygen transport by turbulent eddies between dispersed phase (water) and continuous phase (kerosene) and between the bulk of two-phase solution and the metal (carbon steel).
They are also accused of becoming too commercial, too market driven and in a continuous phase of meeting the demands of the customers-students, which is lowering the values and principles of education.
Prior to this study, the rate and mechanism of acid-salt decomposition in the continuous phase was unknown.
Flow fields within the continuous phase are disrupted around dispersed droplets, and so the emulsion viscosity rises with increasing dispersed phase volume fraction.
In a reverse twist on normal TPO composition, initial Elastamax grades use Engage elastomers as the continuous phase in blends with PP and PE.
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