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Synonyms for Ci

a unit of radioactivity equal to the amount of a radioactive isotope that decays at the rate of 37,000,000,000 disintegrations per second

being one more than one hundred

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Based in Boston and with offices in Vienna and Berlin, Codeship offers continuous integration and delivery products in the cloud that integrate with the existing DevOps stack and enables clients to accelerate time-to- market of products and features.
It really is about that continuous integration of testing, and making it part and parcel of the build stage of the SDLC.
CI or Continuous Integration is the loop you build from the developer's workstation to your production system.
A new focus on third-party continuous integration (CI) systems has resulted in 53 external systems testing OpenStack compatibility across broad sets of hardware and software configurations.
The integration, available immediately, provides developers choice and access to high-performing, cloud-based development tools including Jenkins, the world's most popular continuous integration server.
Humberstone was essential in the continuous integration process of Lipo from family management to a professional multinational organization.
Beginning with an overview of JRuby features, the work covers topics such as creating robust deployment environments, deploying an archive file, creating Trinidad applications, TorqueBox applications, managing JRuby deployments, and using continuous integration servers.
Baserock also incorporates automated testing for software development into the continuous integration (CI) process.
Testing Workbench -- Allows carriers to perform business impact analysis (what-if scenarios) and offers continuous integration with predictive modeling tools.
IBM and Green Hat will help customers maximize continuous integration of an application, including creating virtual protocols, message formats, services, customization and engagement with third-party software.
a built-in, automated test environment claimed to provide a continuous integration test suite running against every patch for long-term stability of the project;
The authors address: product management, planning and coordination, requirements and PBIs, design and architecture, continuous integration, multi-site, offshore, and more.
Sustainable Development: Awarded to companies that achieve success through outstanding or continuous integration of environmental, social, economic and management aspects of their operation.
Finnish-Swedish IT group TietoEnator Corporation said on Monday (10 September) that it has expanded it agreement with the Finnish engineering and technology group Metso Corporation on delivering continuous integration services.
Paton noted that Timmons has provided exceptional leadership in the continuous integration of strong business leadership and fundamentals with a dedication to going "beyond what's required" through Responsible Care[R].
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