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(cosmology) the theory that the universe maintains a constant average density with matter created to fill the void left by galaxies that are receding from each other

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Our paper contributes to the literature by providing evidence on the role the general/particular volition distinction plays in Malebranche's theodicy, his continuous creation argument for occasionalism, and his concept of God's general volition.
Here he applies the method to three topics: (1) God and creation ex nihilo in light of scientific cosmology, (2) continuous creation and the problem of natural "evil" in relation to physics and biology, and (3) eschatology when considering theories about the future of the universe.
Ambassadors, Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen: almost sixty years ago now, when NATO's founding treaty was signed right here in this city, one delegate expressed the hope that it would prove to be a continuous creation.
The continuous creation of business developments like this is vital if we are to achieve the ambitious RES target of creating up to 22,000 new businesses in the next decade.
The company believes that the reason it has made such achievements in this area is in its continuous creation of original games, extensive research into Chinese cultures, and a deeper understanding of the connotations of traditional Chinese culture, as well as their advanced 3D engine and strong operations teams.
Luther's understanding of creation as a continuous creation has a parallel in his concept of the church as being in a constant process of reformation, semper reformanda.
According to Ellen Langer, (10) a mindful approach to any activity involves continuous creation of new ways of organizing experience, openness to new information and awareness of different perspectives.
However, Helm contends that Edwards was diverted from this trajectory by his anti-Deist polemic with its emphasis upon divine immediacy in the form of continuous creation ex nihilo and by his concern to defend the doctrine of original sin, with its ascription of forensic responsibility for the actions of another.
The utilization and continuous creation of knowledge are the most important managerial challenges organizations face today.
In "Market Orientation," Slater & Narver wrote: "A business is market-oriented when its culture is systematically and entirely committed to the continuous creation of superior customer value.
Descartes had left it unclear whether these regularities were sustained by a process of continuous creation or by God's general concurrence in the absence of specific acts of divine will.
Finally, I will argue that the laws of nature both complete the doctrine of continuous creation in an important way, and acquire a new meaning within it.
Thus, in a focus alert to ironies and receptive to the continuous creation of cultures, these authors unanimously resist the cliched modernist lament for local authenticities, spoiled by tourism and its accompanying commodifications.
The expanding Steady State universe with its continuous creation of matter and perfect cosmological principle was a brave attempt in the late 1940s to solve this problem.
Complicating the picture, the number of quarks within the particle can actually fluctuate rapidly with the continuous creation and annihilation of quark-antiquark pairs.
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