compound interest

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interest calculated on both the principal and the accrued interest

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Software cost can be justified by the savings from running for as little as a few hours on a production line," says Adam Dreiblatt, director of process technology at CPM Century Extrusion, who presented at the March 2014SPE Continuous Compounding TopCon.
Maximum balance after n years of saving with continuous compounding (graph), GeoGebra file, 2011, Maximum-balance.
where A is the accumulated (or final value) of an investment at time n years when P dollars is invested at time 0 at rate of interest [delta] per annum with continuous compounding.
The models have in common the treatment of the financial phenomena as a continuous process over time and the inclusion of continuous compounding (discounting).
The expected earnings equation can be modified to accommodate discounting by defining either a continuous compounding rate (r) or its annual discount rate equivalent (d), that is, 1 + d).
The course starts with the idea of limit and ends with derivative functions; and includes an application of limit in finance: continuous compounding.
If the requirement is for continuous compounding, where fewer product changes are involved and capacities are relatively high, automation may be advantageous for reducing costs while increasing quality.
The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Continuous Compounding TopCon will have a novel program that includes the renowned CCT technical conference plus machinery demonstrations and tutorial sessons, it was announced by the SPE's Extrusion Division.
Case says that customers scaling up their operations often look to continuous compounding, rather than batch processing, to replace antiquated lines.
Society of Plastics Engineers, Continuous Compounding Topcon, Polymers Center for Excellence, Charlotte, NC, Lesley Kyle (203) 740-5452; www.
The same effect is found in continuous compounding tests on the twin-screw extruder.
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