compound interest

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interest calculated on both the principal and the accrued interest

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Further information on the SPE's Continuous Compounding Topcon is available from Lesley Kyle (203) 740-5452; www.
Results from this research demonstrate that continuous compounding of rubber for technical goods is a suitable and promising alternative to today's batch mixing process.
The aim was to apply this technology within a direct extrusion concept, a combination of continuous compounding and subsequent profile extrusion.
The granular form may provide a route to continuous compounding in a twin screw extruder, as in the production of TPVs.
Significantly higher throughput in TPV continuous compounding equipment has also been demonstrated.
Significantly higher throughput in continuous compounding of TPVs is also claimed.
There are several studies underway to establish the performance of the FTX for continuous compounding of rubber compounds.
The continuous compounding action of the twin-screw mixing process is said to improve quality control and produce a uniform hot-melt adhesive.
Davis-Standard sources agree that the number of process steps performed in continuous compounding has steadily increased.
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