Continuity Army Council

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a terrorist organization formed in Ireland in 1994 as a clandestine armed wing of Sinn Fein

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The party advocates a harder line than the Sinn Fein led by Gerry Adams but has denied having a paramilitary wing or direct links with the Continuity Army Council, responsible for a number of recent terrorist operations.
And leaders of the Continuity Army Council have recently visited America to secure funds and weaponry from sympathisers opposed to the IRA ceasefire.
And Scots terrorism expert Professor Paul Wilkinson said the bomb was probably the work of the Continuity Army Council, a group which broke away from the IRA.
There was no claim of responsibility and while unionists accused the IRA there was suspicion it was the work of the renegade IRA Continuity Army Council.
The Continuity Army Council yesterday claimed responsibility for the attack as security was stepped up on both sides of the border.
It is believed a Republican organisation - possibly IRA splinter group the Continuity Army Council - is behind the planned attack.
Friday night's bombing in Moira 20 miles from Belfast has been blamed on a renegade republican group, the Continuity Army Council.