modal logic

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the logical study of necessity and possibility

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a system of logic whose formal properties resemble certain moral and epistemological concepts

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What my discussion of "is a relative truth" showed, but what cannot be gleaned from the list, is that this AT-expression is used as intensionally equivalent with "is a contingent truth," "is believed (by someone) to be true," and "held to be true by someone who is in the grips of a certain point of view, set of principles, or worldview.
As might be imagined, it is hard to understand how contingent truths could have such a modal character.
By the lights of a central logical positivist thesis in modal epistemology, for every necessary truth that we know, we know it a priori and for every contingent truth that we know, we know it a posteriori.
The article develops and defends the view that the clustering of properties is a mere contingent truth, on grounds that properties can be subtracted one by one.
His explication of Leibniz's view makes Leibniz out to be a via media between the sixteenth- and seventeenth-century views of the Dominicans and Jesuits on divine providence: God's knowledge of conditional future contingent truths depends partly on his understanding of creaturely essences (roughly the Jesuit view) and partly on his possible decrees (roughly the Dominican view).
This ingenious overlapping of contingent truths and absolute truth in Ratzinger's thought escapes Tilley and would have helped him to highlight Benedict's hesitancy towards modernity--a markedly different stance from that of John Paul II, who showed greater sympathy for modern ideas, including the freedom of conscience.
The scientific method proceeds based on contingent truths acquired through investigation, experimentation, verification, etc.