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a fee that is payable only if the outcome is successful (as for an attorney's services)

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8220;On the other hand, the system cannot continue as it is, so rules governing contingent fee cases must change.
Under nonpercentage contingent fee contracts,(18) the expert witness who performs the valuation analysis also determines the type of services to be performed, the number of hours to be worked, and the rates to be charged.
Tax executives may become involved with contingent fee auditors either directly on behalf of the corporation or perhaps on behalf of a group of employees caught within the bounty hunter's sometimes overreaching net.
Two letters in the August 1 News give garbled reasoning in response to my letter of July 1, which was critical not only of contingent fees, but more particularly of the excessive percentages toward which such fees have gravitated, with too little judicial restraint, and with too much attorney hype.
When personal property audits are performed for a contingent fee, the auditor may be motivated to propose an assessment even if it is highly speculative.
On behalf of Tax Executives Institute, I am pleased to provide the following comments on the use of contingent fee arrangements in the preparation of SR&ED claims.
Ryan's legal challenge seeks a declaratory judgment that the Circular 230 provisions prohibiting the use of contingent fee arrangements in the preparation and filing of ordinary refund claims and any related representation before the IRS are unconstitutional, exceed the scope of the authorizing statute, and thereby warrant a permanent injunction against the prohibition.
In addition, a practitioner is generally prohibited from charging a contingent fee for representing a client before the IRS (Circular 230, [section] 10.
The changes in the Chartered Accountants Ordinance 1961 which were accorded approval include empower the council to make final decision instead of referring matters to the High Court, allow the Institute to call for information in connection with Quality Assurance work, bring changes in composition of the Council, allow members of ICAP to charge contingent fee, enhance penalties for professional misconduct infringements, allow advertising and soliciting of work within bounds and other ancillary amendments.
In Zells, the court stated that a lawyer's contingent fee contracts are not subject to valuation, division, and distribution as part of the marital estate.
Commissioning an independent (non-contingent fee) or second fairness opinion that is not tied to a contingent fee structure or the outcome of a transaction is recommended.
Accountancy Regulation 62 prohibits CPAs from performing for a contingent fee any professional services for a client for whom the licensee or the firm performs services that require independence, original tax returns, amended tax returns, claims for tax refunds or an engagement as a testifying expert witness.
Although only specific jurisdictions (such as the United States and some parts of Canada) permit some variation on contingent fee arrangements, such arrangements are increasingly popular in the United States--in large part because clients pay only upon a successful result.
A bill that would clarify that attorney-owned businesses should be treated like all other businesses and be allowed to deduct costs related to contingent fee cases in the year that the costs are incurred has passed the U.