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someone who supplies members or employees

an official who enlists personnel for military service

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Sometimes, the contingency recruiter will put together a relocation, schedule drug testing, arrange for temporary housing or furniture storage.
Historically, contingency recruiters have charged from 15% to 35%.
Contingency recruiters receive no payment until one of their candidates accepts an employment offer.
In one sense they function like contingency recruiters, except they are paid salaries and generally can get the attention of the executive decision makers fairly easily.
The book mentions that if an employer has hired a retainer recruiter to fill a position, but the candidate is introduced to the employer through a contingency recruiter, the cost to the employer to hire the candidate could equal two-thirds of the first year's guaranteed compensation - one-third to the contingency agency and one-third to the retained recruiter.
Traditionally, most firms use contingency recruiters (i.
search consultants on a retainer basis and 12,000 contingency recruiters handling assignments with salaries more than $75,000 annually.
eProNet's Direct Search service offers employers an alternative to hiring expensive contingency recruiters or sifting through scores of unqualified candidate resumes from job boards and classifieds.
Third party Contingency Recruiters, nicknamed Headhunters, are valuable assets to early stage companies without a recruiting department as well as high growth companies and larger corporate organizations that are diversifying to new areas or restructuring.
It has proven success in finding industry professionals who are not actively seeking employment and who are not reachable by traditional ads or contingency recruiters.
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