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2 M/C = multiple choice; M/R = multiple response; T/F = true/false; questions 1, 4, 6-10 referenced by Johnson & Chalmers, 2011 * Contingency coefficient significant (p<0.
There is a medium dependency among the portion of useful, trivial and inexplicable rules and their occurrence in the set of discovered rules extracted from the file A1, the contingency coefficient is statistically significant.
This discretization method is proposed by Lee et al [7] which is based on the concept of class attribute contingency coefficient.
Used methods of data analysis included: frequencies, statistics of central tendency, measures of variation, One--way ANOVA, The Mann--Whitney test, Kruskal--Wallis test, Chi--square statistical test, Values of Phi, Cramer's V, Contingency Coefficient and Cronbach's alpha coefficient.
Bivariate analysis has shown that women tend to be more willing to report situation regarding consumers' rights and obligations violation as respondents to an online marketing research, the correlation between variables being sustained by statistical indicators (Chi-Square Tests = 157,460, Contingency Coefficient = 0,522, Asymp.
This research therefore makes use of quantitative indicators and not only categorical ones), (b) the use of the contingency coefficient, which indicates the strength of the relation, (c) the study of age as a mediator in the patterns of violence, (d) the inclusion of jealously in the analysis in order to obtain a more in-depth approach, and (e) the chi-square test recoded three responses as presence (sometimes, often, and very often) or absence of the violent behavior, in contrast to other studies that included very seldom in the category, thereby increasing the prevalence).
Table 5 presents calculations of the Chi-square statistic and the contingency coefficient for selected factors in a short-term management area.
Statistical analysis was performed by means of contingency coefficient and [chi square] tests.
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