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a communist nation that covers a vast territory in eastern Asia

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In order to make this complexity accessible to those new to the idea of a continental China, the editors have made extra efforts in selecting and structuring the material.
First Stage, the New Plant Will Supply the Continental China Market but Progressively Will Widen Its Range to the Middle East.
Ralf Cramer, Member of the Executive Board of Continental and CEO of Continental China and Michael Egner, General Manager of the Continental location in Hefei.
BRF) announces that it has established a joint venture with Dah Chong Hong Limited, aimed at gaining access to the Chinese distribution market, engaging in local processing, developing the Sadia brand in China, and reaching retail and food service channels in continental China, Hong Kong and Macau.
New clients include Cerro Verde in Peru, Shanghai General Motors Corporation and HSBC Electronic Data Processing in continental China, Bechtel in Romania and Pride International in Angola.
Ralf Cramer (47), also an Executive Board member, who, since August 1, 2013, has been at the helm of Continental China, headquartered in Shanghai.
As such, the first product RMS has released for the country is the RMS China Earthquake Model, capable of assessing the seismic risk to property across Continental China, including Hong Kong, and Macau.
Ralf Cramer, President and CEO of Continental China, said: I am very delighted about the investment, which not only responds to the robust local business growth development, but also demonstrates our commitment to exploring the booming Chinese market for sustainable growth in the future.
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