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a body of traditional beliefs and notions accumulated about a particular subject

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In this book, Antoni and WeiP have compiled a series of scholarly essays focused on ancient and contemporary mythology from multiple cultures, and across multiple cultural contexts.
Even as you learn about both the rules and subtler nuances of playing 'Texas Hold-Em,' you are also getting both the big picture of the game's contemporary mythology of star players and burgeoning pots and the smaller, more vivid sensations of what it feels like to have to figure out the best time for bathroom breaks in the midst of playing a major hand.
With imagery that is part Swan Lake, part Irish selkie, Catmull's first novel is an interesting contribution to contemporary mythology.
Finally, the essays in part three, "No Boundaries," explore the relationship between everyday life and technology, and how this relationship shapes our approach to contemporary mythology.
Blending reality (mentions of renowned soccer star David Beckham for example) with fiction serves to further Peet's provocative analysis of contemporary mythology and its impact on all participants--willing or not.
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