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the traditional and typically anonymous music that is an expression of the life of people in a community

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Enhanced with an Afterword (Predictions on Future Trajectories of Vernacular Expression and New Media), a glossary, extensive notes, a list of references, and a comprehensive index, "The Last Laugh" is a model of meticulous scholarship and a highly recommended contribution to academic library Cultural Studies, Contemporary Folk Lore Studies, and Media Studies reference collections and supplemental reading lists.
Ruth is a contemporary folk singer/songwriter who after a musical sabbatical to concentrate on her academic studies, is returning with a new album under her arm.
BASED on the Isle of Skye, the Peatbog Faeries are one of Scotland's best-known names in contemporary folk music.
The concert over two sets was built around traditional and contemporary folk songs.
Universal Soldier was not a hit at the time of its release but it garnered attention within the contemporary folk music community.
Although it is easy to see where Amor is coming from, his contemporary folk music struggles to shake of an overriding feeling of introversion.
JT's vocal versatility takes him from Memphis soul and into contemporary folk without seeing any boundary.
Support for these two days of musical magic comes from the cream of the scene including Villagers and The Low Anthem - a line-up that reads like a Who's Who of contemporary folk and Americana.
Not only does this exhibition provide an introduction to contemporary folk art, it also documents one collector's passion and intrigue in discovering creative expression off the beaten path.
Contemporary folk outfit Tunng were pleasant but the raucous Woodenbox With A Fistful Of Fivers and Scots folk supergroup Session A9 earned wild approval.
She describes her music as contemporary folk with Celtic influences.
Their survival and journeys makes for a winning book which transcends children's or young adult fiction to provide all ages with a gorgeous, winning contemporary folk story, and this deluxe edition is the perfect gift for capturing it all, using lovely drawings by Croatian artist Tomislav Torjanac to capture key scenes in Martel's drama.
SFMOMA Artcast December 2007 features two artists with close ties to cinema, photographer Jeff Wall and video artist Douglas Gordon; plus two artists whose love of music influences their work, the late Paul Klee and contemporary folk musician, Devendra Banhart.
Maria Sangiolo is an award-winning recording artist and contemporary folk musician.
Backed by a who's who of contemporary folk, including Ian Carr, John McCusker and Eddi Reader, her northern vocal all but dances with the tricksy twists and turns of songs such as John Barbury, The Old Man and the lovely Streams Of Nancy.
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