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Synonyms for jurisprudence

the branch of philosophy concerned with the law and the principles that lead courts to make the decisions they do

the collection of rules imposed by authority


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Ends/MS/FS Muscat, Nov 12 (ONA) Habib bin Mohammed al-Riyami, Secretary General of Sultan Qaboos Higher Centre for Culture and Sciences today announced the names of the winners of Sultan Qaboos Award for Culture, Arts and Literature for this year in three fields namely: Contemporary Thought Issues, Music and Classical Arabic Poetry.
The elegantly curved buildings were a successful early use of reinforced concrete and reflected contemporary thought on the health benefits of public leisure facilities.
Transaction's titles, including the flagship journal Society, are at the forefront of contemporary thought in established disciplines such as political science, history, sociology, anthropology and psychology.
Therefore, it behoves all people of faith never to become apathetic to the things of God, nor to attempt to make them confirm to the latest secular philosophy or contemporary thought.
Promoting contemporary thought and practice in the arts and raising questions of religion and its absence in today's social make-up.
Over the years we have trained thousands of practitioners through our continuously updated programs reflecting contemporary thought and practice.
If we are to acknowledge, as suggested by Alain Touraine, that the epoch of modernity, and its subsequent crises, emerged out of the suturing of rationalisation and subjectivation, or Romanticism, then any attempt to truly diagnose Romanticism, and its foundational structures within contemporary thought, must come in the form of an explicit recognition in its relationship to rationalisation.
For contemporary thought concerning the situation of women one might refer to Martha C.
Kilcourse reads through the most memorable of her stories from her "Christ haunted landscape" with great critical skill, linking her work to the contemporary thought of Catholic thinkers like Thomas Merton, Karl Rahner, and Teilhard de Chardin.
Unhinged by fear and trembling, the speaker desperately seeks to wrest certainty from the ontological themes and variations which churn repeatedly through his mind, the wreckage of contemporary thought, a series of epistemological dead ends.
The design will reflect contemporary thought, ideals and style, redefining the hierarchy of innovative club life.
It would require that we elevate some dimension of contemporary thought or experience as a human universal that forms the criterion for determining what in the Bible is or is not acceptable.
The best-selling author of ``Compromising Positions'' and ``Almost Paradise'' has written the very readable ``Brave Dames and Wimpettes'' for Ballantine's Library of Contemporary Thought.
Brown is curiously absent (but in name only) from current discussions of the history of twentieth-century literary criticism; yet to those of us familiar with his life's work, the traces of Brown's remarkable influence on contemporary thought are everywhere identifiable in the past half-century's scholarly activities in this country and abroad.
In fact, one of the most agreeable of Gass' traits is the deftness with which he sidesteps the common political categories of contemporary thought - radical, liberal, reactionary.
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