water pollution

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pollution of the water in rivers and lakes

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He further said that there were hundreds of disease which were erase because of the contaminated water , adding that Hepatitis A, dyria , cholera Typhoid, Dracunculiasisi, Scabies, skin diseases etc.
Ono said the contaminated water did not leak into the nearby Pacific Ocean.
25 after suspension from late August due to a revelation of contaminated water leaks from the Fukushima plant.
The Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) had started storing contaminated water to cool the reactors, but the storage of large quantities has proved a challenge for the company.
According to the operator, about 400 tons of groundwater seeps into the basement of reactor buildings every day and is mixed with highly contaminated water that is used to cool the damaged reactors.
The government will make every effort to halt the leak of contaminated water as soon as possible.
Hundreds of tanks were built around the plant to store massive amounts of contaminated water.
Barely three weeks ago, two had died and 50 fallen ill after reportedly consuming contaminated water.
The residents of the federal capital have no option except to drink filthy and contaminated water, which posing serious threats to their health as the capital is facing severe water crisis for the last couple of years.
We can't move all the contaminated water to above ground (tanks) if we opt not to use the underground reservoirs," Ono said.
Officials from the Environment Agency (EA) and British Waterways have started pumping contaminated water from canals in the Black Country for treatment at Minworth Sewage Treatment Works.
According to Kyodo News Agency, Hidehiko Nishiyama, a spokesman for the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, said that removing the highly contaminated water from the trench must be done ''in haste,'' as the level of the water filling the tunnel-like trench is edging up, apparently because of steps taken to prevent the water from leaking into the Pacific Ocean.
Summary: TOKYO: Workers discovered new pools of radioactive water leaking from Japan's crippled nuclear complex, officials said Monday, as emergency crews struggled to pump out hundreds of tons of contaminated water and bring the plant back under control.
KARACHI, June 10 -- Health experts fear that the already serious state of waterborne diseases could worsen once the contaminated water is released from Manchhar Lake into the Indus River, which supplies the city with drinking water.
Amebiasis, an infection with the single-celled amoeba Entamoebia histolytica, exists in areas where the amoeba is endemic and where hygiene is substandard, leading to contact with contaminated water.
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