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  • verb

Synonyms for contaminate

Synonyms for contaminate

to make physically impure

to make morally impure

Synonyms for contaminate

make radioactive by adding radioactive material

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Testing for sensitivity to in-paint contaminants is very complicated because it is more of a test of the ability of the paint to assimilate contaminants than it is a crater test.
But anytime you find water or other contaminants in the fuel-water separator or the fuel system filter sump, here's what to do:
An investigation of the impact of moving objects on airborne contaminant transmission inside an inpatient ward can be made experimentally or through computer simulations.
For the comparison staining, and particularly for assessment of contaminants, slides were stained in a continuous workflow, discrete slide stainer (Symphony, Ventana Medical Systems, Inc, Tucson, Ariz).
With its distinguished editor and international team of expert contributors, Chemical contaminants and residues in food is an invaluable tool for all industrial and academic researchers involved with food safety, from industry professionals responsible for producing safe food, to chemical analysts involved in testing the final products.
Gaseous contaminants were released at the nose positions of the manikins with three different rates: low rate of 1.
Global assessment of organic contaminants in farmed salmon.
The population's exposures to lead, secondhand cigarette smoke, and certain other harmful substances show a decline, for example, but first-time measurements of a number of contaminants reveal them to be widely spread through the population.
are being marketed as a "first line of defense" against ferrous contaminants for wood recyclers.
To maintain high permeability, mills should be assiduous about keeping the fabric free of contaminants.
After almost 50 years of nuclear-materials production, the 586-square-mile Hanford facility in southeastern Washington comprises more than 700 waste sites with the potential to release contaminants to the soil and groundwater.
Areas of concern, according to Berea business unit leader Donnie Northern, include the presence of contaminants (most notably lead and plastic) and the presence of too much moisture.
City water supplies must assess sources of potential contaminants, but federal rules specify no requirements, such as setbacks from dumps, industrial facilities or underground storage tanks, for the protection of bottled water sources.
0 can be used to determine a building's infiltration, exfiltration and room-to-room airflow rates, as well as calculate the dispersal of airborne contaminants.
They owe their detergency, or cleaning ability, to the displacement of contaminants by surface-active materials and alkaline builders.