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The report, titled "2005 Report on Post Consumer PET Container Recycling Activity," is available on the NAPCOR and APR Web sites at www.
Many processors and machinery suppliers are evaluating this material, driven by customers that seek to differentiate their products with clear containers for items such as juice, soap, and household products.
Heney says talk of containers on the Great Lakes is nothing new.
After root pruning, put fresh soil into the container, repot your shrub or tree and, as an additional measure to control growth, selectively prune out one-third of the plant's shoots and foliar growth.
Influencing the return of containers in a hostile and austere environment required resourcefulness, said Chief Warrant Officer Daniel Edwards, mobility warrant officer in the 184th.
Raleigh defended the United States' use of import manifest scrutiny as a first line of defense, however, noting a recent Customs and Border Protection experiment with X-raying containers on the Mexican border.
Do you clean containers and dispose of plastic lids before recycling?
The new Low Cost Container (LCC), part of the Low Cost Aerial Delivery System, had recently become available for use in just such contingencies.
Reusable containers come in man5 sizes, shapes and types in the Army:
But the Fort Lauderdale port is boldly trying to expand its container traffic, now a fraction of its business.
The Plaza[TM] Confidential Document Container has a 50-gallon capacity, and its aesthetic design permits it to be placed in any public area.
Historically, rubber bales were a loose fit into their containers.
Observe the air bubbles forming on the bottom of the containers.
Against the background of Japan's lingering economic recession and in a move aimed at coping with the severe management environment affecting the corrugated container business, Oji Paper has been studying the possibilities for restructuring the Oji Paper Group's business activities in this field.
One of the easiest incoming quality assurance checks is to weigh the container (or check the manufacturer's recorded weight on the shipping invoice).