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a sport that necessarily involves body contact between opposing players

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Walker, who scored a try in Wales' 20-14 victory over Italy last November which secured their place in the World Cup and spent the 2017 season with League 1 club Rochdale, revealed on his Twitter account that he should never have played contact sport.
The physical and mental strain placed on participants of professional contact sport cannot be underestimated.
Roller derby is a contact sport played by two teams of five members roller skating in the same direction around a track.
chair of the Indiana University Department of Psychiatry, said that the contact sports and noncontact-sports groups differed, and the number of times the contact sports participants were hit, and the magnitude of the hits they sustained, were correlated with changes in the white matter measures.
We cannot allow the child or teenager to decide when he is fully recovered and able to resume full activity, including the contact sport.
The study involved college athletes at three Division I schools and compared 214 athletes in contact sports to 45 athletes in non-contact sports such as track, crew and Nordic skiing at the beginning and at the end of their seasons.
OB) and Brewer Sports International (BSI) to form Coalition for Concussion Treatment campaign to increase awareness about new medical therapies in development to effectively treat traumatic brain injuries (concussions) in contact sports.
1986) noted that boys who had more experience in high contact sports described themselves as more physically aggressive in both sport-specific and daily life contexts than did boys who had less experience with high contact sports.
For more information on Sport Unlimited and the delivery plan application form, contact sports development officer Michelle Kirkbright on 01642 496441.
THIS is also a common injury in contact sports such as rugby or football and happens when your quadricep muscle is pushed against the bone by a sudden impact or collision.
For further information contact sports development officer Paul Cummins on 01484 234093 or 07976194239 or email paul.
This study examines why US women play rugby given the social stigma surrounding women's participation in sports in general, particularly contact sports, and despite the high risk of injury.
Although the book's subject is football, I wonder if possibly other athletic contact sports could affect the brain.
Press reports on a road race fatality have given the impression that running has a higher risk than most endurance sports or contact sports.