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a sport that necessarily involves body contact between opposing players

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Two groups of Dartmouth athletes were studied: 80 football and ice hockey players in the contact sports group, and 79 athletes drawn from such noncontact sports as track, crew and Nordic skiing.
The good news is that overall there were few differences in the test results between the athletes in contact sports and the athletes in non-contact sports," said study author Thomas W.
Rugby does subject participants (regardless of gender) to a high risk of injury, as do all contact sports.
Writing in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, scientist Selda Bereket- Ycel of Turkey's Celal Bayar University said: 'In addition to bleeding wounds and mucous membranes, sweating may be another way of transmitting HBV infections in contact sports.
Here we focus specifically on how Title IX has applied to so-called contact sports that were permitted to maintain a separate but equal logic, exempted from Title 1X's sweeping agenda.
Contact sports were defined as those in which direct physical contact between participants is permitted within the rules of the sport, whereas non-contact sports were defined as those in which physical contact between participants is not permitted within the rules of the sport.
Dylan has made excellent progress since the surgery, but he will always have to be guarded from germs because of his delicate immune system and he will never be able to play contact sports.
At Michigan State, all participants of collision and/or contact sports (e.
Places are limited so anyone wanting to book a place or who would like more information, should contact sports development officer Wendy Jackson on 024 7647 3883.
And it's not competitive the way contact sports are," she notes, adding that she has booked a spot at PWC's next two day outing, July 16 and 17 at Grossinger's and Concord's Monster or International Golf courses.
This book discusses the causes of brain damage and prevention of brain damage, covering such detailed information as Impact Damage--motor vehicle accidents, contact sports, noncontact sports, accidental injuries of children, brain impairment and family violence, assault, psychosurgery, and ECT and permanent brain damage; and Chemical Damage--industroal toxins, agricultural and domestic neurotoxic substances, neuropsychology of alcohol-induced brain damage, neurological and neuropsychological consequences of drug abuse, and neuropsychological consequences of drug malnutrition.
SEATTLE -- Kodiak Financial Group LLC, a privately held New York-based investment company, has announced its investment in X2IMPACT, a Seattle-based technology company whose mission is to provide useful and affordable technology systems to help stop the epidemic of Sports Brain Injury (SBI) in contact sports.
On December 31, 2009, the Appellate Court of Illinois, Second District, reversed and remanded the decision of the Circuit Court of Du Page County, which found that the contact sports exception to ordinary negligence claims applied to a trainer of an amateur hockey team.