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change in the structure of rock by natural agencies such as pressure or heat or introduction of new chemical substances

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The rocks of the Bluestone Quarry Formation are interbedded light grey to beige sandstone and siltstone with medium to dark grey slate, variably overprinted by contact metamorphism.
Contact metamorphism of the Halifax Formation on the southeastern margin of the Halifax Pluton, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
However, this mineral sequence was probably affected by contact metamorphism which could explain analcime formation accompanied by decreasing Si activity and increasing temperature (not reflected in Figure 8) In the Si[O.
an open system rich in meteoric or magmatic fluids), temperature exceeded 600[degrees]C and where permeability was high during the peak conditions of contact metamorphism.
On one specific sample, with evidence of contact metamorphism, microstructures were described in more detail in order to characterize those linked to contact metamorphism.
5, Table la, b), despite their potential association with magmatic fluids during contact metamorphism.
Ground reconnaissance of the permits has outlined zones of contact metamorphism with potential for skarn type gold mineralisation.
1996) noted that the grade of metamorphism is very low to low (lower greenschist facies at most), with localized higher grade areas related to contact metamorphism by late Neoproterozoic and Devonian plutons.
2006) have been demonstrated to be the result of contact metamorphism of the Goldenville and Halifax groups around Devonian and Carboniferous granitoid plutons (White et al.
However, since they appear to be absent elsewhere in the inlier, there is reason to believe that they are products of contact metamorphism within the thermal aureole of the intrusion.