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Synonyms for angle

Synonyms for angle

to try to obtain something, usually by subtleness and cunning


the particular angle from which something is considered

the position from which something is observed or considered

a clever, unexpected new trick or method

to swerve from a straight line

to cause to move, especially at an angle

to direct (material) to the interests of a particular group

Synonyms for angle

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Surface roughness, contact angle, and crystallinity values for Company D's coating were different from the others, but didn't affect environmental protection performance.
The contact angle on the treated panel with the additive A is higher than 110[degrees]C.
The contact angle is often used to describe surface hydrophilicity.
Based on the analysis of the treatment technology of cotton textiles with fluorochemicals, described in [9,17], with contact angle more than 150[degrees], it was deduced that application of particular agents by the immersion method may result in superhydrophobization of the textile surface.
Contact angle measurements were carried out by depositing water drops on the paper sheets.
The results reveal that as the slope of the treadmill increases, the duration of the recovery phase generally decreases, whereas the duration of the push phase and the total contact angle, which is displaced forward, remain constant.
2] coating, which was prepared after the tenth dip-coating cycle, showed high hydrophobicity with a water contact angle of 145.
A contact angle is defined as being the angle made by the liquid/solid interface intersection with the liquid/air interface; alternately, it can be described as being the angle between a solid sample's surface and the tangent of a droplet's ovate shape at the edge of the droplet.
More specifically, they cover contact angle measurement and solid surface free energy, the relevance of wetting in cleaning and adhesion, and super-hydrophobic surfaces.
Understanding the contact angle and its physical properties of interaction between solids and liquids provides valuable information in determining optimal adhesion bonding surface wettability conditions.
Obtained results show that pH value and contact angle decreases as volume of added concentrate in fountain solution increases, while electrical conductivity enhances.
2004) and his co-workers used nanoparticles etching method to construct double layered polystyrene nanoscale beads array, and then oxygen plasma was used to process to further reduce the size of nanoscale beads to obtain micro-nano structure; (2) Youngblood (Youngblood & McCarthy, 1999) used a radio frequency plasma to etch polypropylene (PP) to prepare the random microstructure in the presence of PTFE, and the surface contact angle with water reached the maximum as 172[degrees]; (3) Jiang Lei (LI et al.
The employment of hydrophilic coating can effectively reduce the contact angle of the condensate water and improve the condensate drainage so that the higher heat transfer coefficients and the lower pressure drops can be achieved.
Among various surface analytical methods available, determination of the contact angle and wettability properties remain as a standard methods for characterisation of the different surfaces (Lander et al.
International Symposium on Contact Angle, Wettability and Adhesion (6th: 2008: Orono, ME) Ed.