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Synonyms for angle

Synonyms for angle

to try to obtain something, usually by subtleness and cunning


the particular angle from which something is considered

the position from which something is observed or considered

a clever, unexpected new trick or method

to swerve from a straight line

to cause to move, especially at an angle

to direct (material) to the interests of a particular group

Synonyms for angle

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Bionic PMMA sheets were found to have higher contact angles than the smooth ones.
Figures 4 to 9 show test results of the water retention and contact angle measurement tests.
In this study, the adherent corresponds to the fabricated gecko inspired surfaces and the adherates are glass with 56[degrees] contact angle and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) with 82[degrees] contact angle.
Results for contact angle measurement on surface treated aluminum.
The Young-Dupre equation allows for predictability of adhesion based upon the surface free energy of the liquid in question and the contact angle of the liquid upon the surface in question.
At equilibrium (dE = 0), the effective contact angle obeys the following relation:
Values of the average contact angle ([theta]) measured and the respective images after water was placed onto the adaxial and abaxial surfaces of A.
Contact angle is in correlation with the minimum wetting rate as follows: a receding contact angle for the breakup of a continuous liquid film and advancing contact angle for wetting of a previously dry surface.
We conclude that, for the case of a vehicle entering a 100 m curve, resulting in an angle of attack of 1[degrees] and a contact angle of 40[degrees], the influence of the longitudinal contact location is negligible.
The sessile drop method was used for the measurement of water contact angle with a Dataphysics OCA15Pro contact angle system operated at room temperature.
Contact angles for coated samples were measured using a Rame-Hart Instrument Company Model 190 Contact Angle Goniometer and distilled water.
The new silicone additives reduce the contact angle of water on the silicone elastomer by improving wettability.
film, scaffold), often require chemical treatments with alkali in order to increase the wettability and water contact angle (23,24).