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a tax levied on the difference between a commodity's price before taxes and its cost of production

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Panelist: Michael Stumo, Chief Executive Office of the Coalition for a Prosperous America: "How Foreign Consumption Taxes (VAT) increase the U.
BEIRUT: Caretaker Water and Energy Minister Gibran Bassil wrote a letter to the Higher Customs Council Tuesday requesting a reduction in the domestic gasoline consumption taxes in conformity with decree 12480 and based on the former Customs' Council's decision issued on Feb.
While consumption taxes are inherently less fair than a progressive tax on income, there are ways to moderate its unfairness, and if a consumption tax were directly linked to a positive social good--such as a VAT that pays for universal health care--the entire package, taken together, would be enormously progressive.
The consumed income tax and yield exemption tax are direct consumption taxes, because the tax is imposed directly on the individual taxpayer.
Page (Deloitte & Touche LLP): Consumption taxes typically are labeled as much more regressive than the system we have now, meaning that the bottom 80 percent of income earners will suffer a tax increase, while the top 20 percent will get a tax decrease.
Some argue we need a border-adjustable tax to compete with our trading partners, which rely more heavily on national consumption taxes.
A look at some alternatives The report examines four types of consumption taxes critical to understanding election-year debates:
Think in terms of purchasing power: Because regressive consumption taxes reduce the purchasing power of lower incomes by a higher percentage than of the wealthy, a flat income tax would create net regressivity in support of government.
The Clinton Administration is giving serious consideration to consumption taxes as it formulates its future economic plan.
The remaining third is made up of specific consumption taxes such as excise duties.
flat-rate income and consumption taxes treat risky returns and economic
economy in recent years, and huge new consumption taxes would send a message to consumers to stop spending.
Students need to know the basic differences between income and consumption taxes and how to determine the system on which a proposal is based.
77 billion yen as companies are now obliged to pay consumption taxes to the government in September and 10 other months a year from four times a year previously, a ministry official said.
The value-added tax in Europe and state sales taxes in this country prove that consumption taxes can be accepted.