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Synonyms for consumer

Synonyms for consumer

one who consumes goods and services


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With regard to financial gains, 41% of broker respondents think the advantages go to the employers, and then consumers and financial institutions.
gov), most consumers are unaware of specialty consumer reporting agencies unless they've been denied a particular service.
They might not be doing the direct research with end consumers (although we would argue that this wouldn't at all be an inappropriate strategy), but they should be asking their customers what they know about shifting consumer preferences in end products (e.
Internet savvy consumers are completing their own online health information searches.
And how consumers perceive a specific product in terms of quality and safety directly impacts the purchases they make.
Until the mid-1990s, consumers outside North America and Western Europe rarely ran up large amounts of personal debt.
For instance, the book examines advertisements of the Gilded Age from a new perspective, attempting to discern from the ads whether manufacturers were willing to deal directly with rural consumers or instead were relying on middlemen to distribute their wares.
A federal rule requiring owner registration cards would inevitably increase the cost of many products and expose consumers to possible loss of privacy.
It requires that consumers be provided with disclosures about the costs and terms of a credit card on or with a solicitation or application, at account opening before the first transaction, and with each periodic billing statement.
Consumers concerned about their privacy can and do already choose to avoid the few business sites that don't post this information.
Increasingly, as consumers, we define health through the lens of a popularized view of the possible, reinforced by lay, professional, and political declarations.
As empowered consumers continue to voice opinions regarding their service needs, the effectiveness of current services will be of greater interest to providers.
When using the Internet, the behavior of Generation Y consumers - defined as teenagers and young adults aged 18 to 23 - is strikingly similar to Generation X and Baby Boomers (aged 24 to 55).
While the industry has always been committed to helping consumers navigate the many options now available in the marketplace, concerns raised about these issues in a report on assisted living prepared by the U.
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