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a loan on real estate that is usually secured by a mortgage

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Buster, president and chief executive officer of the bank and its parent (Pacific Mercantile Bancorp), said, "We made the strategic decision to exit the consumer mortgage origination business due to the operating performance of the unit and the bank's desire to focus on continuing to develop the commercial banking opportunity in its marketplace.
In a press release, the bank said the consumer mortgage origination business will cease accepting new loan applications on or about Dec.
The bank expects to sell or terminate small business activities of its consumer mortgage origination unit.
We've helped attorneys and lenders audit thousands of mortgage loans to identify and rectify violations-oftentimes fending-off the foreclosures that neither the lenders nor the homeowners want," said Sylvia Alayon, vice president of operations for the Consumer Mortgage Audit Center.
To request a copy of CG's research report on Consumer Mortgages available in January, email insight@cgcginc.
Best practices that the Consumer Mortgage Audit Center recommends to homeowners nearing or in foreclosure are:
The Consumer Mortgage Bureau is dedicated to providing consumers with the necessary tools and education needed to make informed home-buying decisions.
Weakness in the consumer mortgage sector also has become evident in the form of rising delinquency levels.
com continues to be one of the most popular consumer mortgage web sites focusing on mortgage education, real-time interest rates, financial tools, and a network of more than 12,000 mortgage companies that help consumers find loan programs and rates that meet their real estate financing needs.
Schneider currently is president of the Consumer Mortgage Coalition and is a member of the Housing Policy Council's Executive Committee.
We feel Mortgage One Banc will substantially improve our presence in the consumer mortgage and retail investment area, with a focus on doing what's right for our customers - and for those who invest in LNB Bancorp.
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