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consumer goods that are not destroyed by use

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Most carmakers and consumer durable firms had already reduced prices to pass on the benefit to customers.
In the beginning, DIBPL will be offering top of the line Yamaha Generators with latest features under the ambit of Dubai Islamic Consumer Durable Finance.
Advances for financing goods, including production machinery, commercial vehicle and consumer durable on hire-purchase or instalments plan has been allowed.
As I pointed out earlier, demand has been depressed by the rise in energy prices as well as by the needed slowing in the pace of accumulation of business capital and consumer durable assets.
The loans which constitutes and plays a crucial role in Indian loan market includes home loans, education loan, auto loan, personal loan, consumer durable loan and much hyped gold loans.
In the first- ever India Today Group- Marketing and Development Research Associates survey of the best consumer durable brands in India, over 3,000 respondents voted for Apple as the best brand in two segments-- mobile phone and laptop.
Oriental bank of Commerce has reduced interest on personal loans and consumer durable by 0.
This is a very difficult time for most consumer durable companies.
One of the most competitive segments in retailing within India lies in the consumer durables industry.
STRONG domestic demand coupled with China's abolition of preferential tax rates for foreign companies might turn India into a major manufacturing hub and help the country to better China's consumer durable sector, said a joint analysis conducted by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry ( Ficci) and global consulting major PricewaterhouseCoopers ( PwC).
Projects Issues & Challenges with the consumer durable sector with reference to
Real Net Stock of Fixed Assets and Consumer Durable Goods
Real Depreciation of Fixed Assets and Consumer Durable Goods
Real Investment in Fixed Assets and Consumer Durable Goods
A measure of saving that treats consumer durable goods as investment
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