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a finance company that makes loans to people who have trouble getting a bank loan

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Under new rules, private investors have been allowed to set up consumer finance companies in China for the first time.
For example, the rate of increase in credit costs for consumer finance companies, which is closely correlated to the rate of increase in individual bankruptcies, has been exceeding our estimations of growth calculated from nationwide bankruptcy trends.
At a time when monoline consumer finance companies faced heightened regulatory scrutiny and confronted serious balance sheet difficulties, Rich Fairbank opted to transform his.
Of the top four consumer finance companies that released consolidated results in the April-September first half of fiscal 2002 by Thursday, Takefuji Corp.
The ID Network is in use daily by over half the credit and retail card issuer market in the US, as well as leading wireless and online consumer finance companies.
Nonetheless, Japan's five major consumer finance companies -- Acom Co.
Leading consumer finance companies are embracing our solution because it means they never have to say 'no' to customers again," said Jeff Danford, founder and CEO of Fourth Fleet Financial.
credit-rating agency said the largest five listed consumer finance companies grew 16% in assets and 15% in operating profit.
consumer finance companies in 2003, although the pace of negative rating actions is expected to slow, as rating outlooks are becoming more stable, according to a new report published this week by the rating agency titled 'U.
It is one of the leading consumer finance companies in the growing and increasingly competitive Danish market.
This is especially valuable as consumer finance companies, which share certain characteristics with Heilig-Meyers, venture into securitization.
He has also been involved in numerous securitization transactions for consumer finance companies.
One option that has been aggressively pursued by consumer finance companies that maintain or started bank or thrift charters has been to raise bank deposits through brokered channels or direct marketing.
Although extension of the NuVell agreements is subject to mutual consent by the Company and NuVell, management believes that the Company's best strategy for future growth is linked to originating contracts for other consumer finance companies on a service retained basis in return for both origination and servicing compensation rather than dedicating capital resources to originate contracts for its own account and/or in anticipation of engaging in periodic asset-backed securitization transactions.
Phoenix is also required to loan up to $500,000 to the consumer finance companies to finance their operations.
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