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diplomatic building that serves as the residence or workplace of a consul

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Agents trained in investigating hazardous materials and weapons of mass destruction were dispatched on Wednesday to several consulates and embassies to investigate.
consulate building in southwest China in the worst attack yet in two days of protests outside U.
Every week the faxes roll in to Maritza Alonso's office at the Mexican Consulate - 1,500 of them, asking about everything from Mexican history and Spanish-language courses to travel in Mexico.
Using its network of 40 consulates in the United States, including one in Santa Ana, Mexico is encouraging emigrants to form clubs based on their towns of origin.
The American consulate in Bordeaux, France, has ceased to exist, a victim along with 11 other consulates and embassies around the world of federal budget cuts approved by Congress in July.
Kerala also hosts the consulates of Russia, Sri Lanka and Maldives.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- While the Ministry of Health has said initial findings indicate no trace of biological agents in the yellow powder sent to five ystanbul consulates general last week, panic spread in Turkey as one more envelope arrived at the Ankara Courthouse on Monday.
ISTANBUL - Turkey is keeping 24 people under observation at clinics after a suspicious powder was sent to five consulates in Istanbul whose countries are involved in the coalition against Islamic State (IS) jihadists, the health ministry said Saturday.
BAGHDAD, Oct 27 (KUNA) -- Secretariat of the Iraqi Cabinet instructed the Foreign Ministry to take necessary measures to open two consulates of the State of Kuwait in the Provinces of Basra and Irbil.
Mumbai, May 6 ( ANI ): The Intelligence Bureau (IB) has reportedly alerted the police in Mumbai and Kolkata about possible terror strikes being launched on the American consulates in these two cities.
So far, five countries -- the Unites States, United Kingdom, Turkey, Russia and Iran -- have consulates in Hyderabad.
Frankfurt has a total of 48 consulates, including 13 consulates of European nations; the city hosts the European Central Bank, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and the large Frankfurt Airport, among others.
The blast took place in a high security zone where a couple of consulates are located.
Consulates in Toronto and Montreal has given me broad experience and an enjoyable career," said McKaye.
The Palestinian Consulate was opened in Arbil on Tuesday evening, with the presence of Kurdistan President, Massoud Barzani, its Parliament Speaker, Kamal Karkuki and Premier, Barham Saleh, along with the Region's Parliament members and the Palestinian Consul in Arbil," the site reported, adding that the Palestinian Consulate is considered the third Arab Consulate opened in Kurdistan Region, after the Egyptian and Jordanian Consulates, along with 23 foreign consulates.