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Synonyms for critic

Synonyms for critic

a person who evaluates and reports on the worth of something

a person who finds fault, often severely and willfully

Words related to critic

a person who is professionally engaged in the analysis and interpretation of works of art

someone who frequently finds fault or makes harsh and unfair judgments

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Nonetheless, the return of agency in theoretical debates was as predictable as its banishment (picking the dates and circumstances in such matters is much more difficult), so, as part of the literature of this return, Constructive Criticism brings together provocative essays.
What I most admire of LWVUS is its constructive criticism of U.
In America they offer constructive criticism, not personal demolition,' he said.
com web site, which aims to help undiscovered writers and film makers sell their scripts whilst also providing constructive criticism about their ideas.
We are not averse to constructive criticism and have now added a note to our Journals page to link users to our catalogues where they will get detailed information about the titles we scan.
The three-fold purpose of this collaborative approach is to promote a professional environment of constructive criticism, to encourage responsible, serious and professional commentary, and to make it possible for students to follow up one another's comments and engage in further discussion of the primary and secondary works privately or collectively.
Schleicher, having worked with many different types of engineers, offers this advice to future engineers: "Know the entire process, develop your people skills, be open-minded and learn how to handle constructive criticism.
CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM Two California students were suspended for handing out leaflets that called their secondary school's toilets dirty, said the headmaster was ``a tad queer'', and likened a campus security guard to a Nazi.
DAV National Adjutant] Art Wilson, [Washington Headquarters Executive Director] Dave Gorman and [National Headquarters Executive Director] Rick Patterson, who give me some wonderful advice and some constructive criticism.
Listening to constructive criticism is not enough; it has to be internalized and acted on.
I'm a big believer in constructive criticism, so if you think we could improve, please make the effort to tell us.
We want to give constructive criticism so the pilot will want to perform better.
Once common ground and comfortable communication are established, any constructive criticism will be seen as helpful hints rather than personal criticism.
This is the only magazine that is of interest to me, that we can write in what we feel, what we think, what we do, what we dream of and be able to openly express ourselves and still get information and constructive criticism.
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