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a worker skilled in building offices or dwellings etc

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And construction worker Louis Madrigal didn't have to help Beau Yeakel preserve his father's memory and a chunk of his family's history - but he did.
The Alliance will focus on helping lift working and living standards for the nation's approximately 8 million construction workers, increasing the union share of the construction market and helping union contractors compete in today's construction industry.
The OSHA lead standard (7) requires that construction workers exposed to lead (defined as employees exposed to lead above an "action" level of lead in air of 30 [micro]g/[m.
Construction workers dug 210 narrow vertical holes--some as deep as 105 meters (344 feet)--into the soil.
LIUNA members and millions of construction workers like them call on Congress to quickly move forward by passing a jobs bill with investments to build America.
The site is amajor engineering construction project which employs construction workers from all over Europe.
With a project of this scale and complexity, there will be scope for local construction workers to broaden their skills and gain experience of innovative construction methods and cutting-edge initiatives.
According to the Federal Highway Administration, 85 percent of the victims of work zone fatalities are travelers -- not construction workers.
High risk work groups for exposure to asbestos include Veterans of the US Navy, power plant workers, shipyard workers, oil refinery workers, steel mill workers, miners, factory workers, plumbers, electricians, auto mechanics, machinists, and construction workers.
This new rule will significantly improve the safety of construction workers who enter confined spaces.
THE organisation which drew up a blacklist of construction workers was planning to extend the practice to the NHS, it has been revealed.
IN the light of the recent announcement for a major biomass plant to be built at Teesport, there should be a feeling of aspiration amongst the construction workers of Teesside that they can be employed long-term locally.
NORTH EAST construction workers who operated anytime up to 2009 could be entitled to financial compensation under new scheme designed to redress those who were blacklisted.
Civil defense and construction workers used heavy equipment to dig for workers buried under a collapsed retaining wall at a construction project in Makkah on Wednesday.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- According to a recent report from the ystanbul Council for Workers' Health and Work Safety (ySyG), 272 construction workers had died in job site accidents this year as of Sept 7.
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