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a document authorizing the holder to construct a building of a particular kind on a particular lot

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Aydos Country" is not the first SinpaE- project whose construction permits were canceled by the court.
Like other areas located within Area C, under full Israeli jurisdiction, issuance of construction permits for Palestinians is strictly limited, forcing Palestinians residing in such areas to embark on construction without obtaining a permit.
In 2010, the Department of Buildings issued more than 179,000 construction permits and 33,000 after-hours variances, which display basic information about projects and are required to be posted at job sites during construction operations.
Algeria improved its construction permit administration and lowered the cost of transferring property, cut business taxes, and made courts more efficient.
Africa had the most reforms, with 6 economies--Angola, Burkina Faso, Liberia, Mauritania, Rwanda and Sierra Leone--making it easier to deal with construction permits.
The air construction permit requires Nova to conduct and submit performance testing after startup to demonstrate compliance with applicable emissions limits and to submit semi-annual reports to the Illinois EPA.
Issuance of construction permits for Palestinians living in Area C and East Jerusalem, under full Israeli administrative and military control, is strictly limited.
CURRENT ACTIVITIES : Reengineer the process of issuing construction permits for commercial and residential buildings in the municipality of Kabul to stimulate investment, improve building safety, and reduce illegal construction.
Notwithstanding the fact that a construction was completed in accordance with the building license and its attachments, should a construction permit become invalid due to a failure to apply for a building use permit during the building license period, this construction shall be granted a building use permit without the need to prepare a new building license, provided that the responsible architects and engineers or building inspectors prepare an inspection report and the relevant authorities inspect the file and the actual construction itself onsite.
IKEA applied for a construction permit for its first store in Croatia late December.
B-SCAN enables the online retrieval of construction permit applications; provides online access to most job folder contents on the Internet via BISWeb; empowers Buildings staffto electronically manage construction permit applications; allows most job filing documents to be managed, retrieved, archived and accessed online; provides access to virtually all documents associated with New Building and Alteration permit applications (with the exception of architectural plans).
When the FCC granted the construction permit in 1991, she tried to exercise her right to use the space only to find she had to pay for a series of inspections to determine if the tower could support another antenna.
On January 14, Bulgaria's Regional Development Ministry issued a ban on the construction of a holiday complex on the Irakli beach after detecting discrepancies between the construction permit and the activities of the Emona 2000 company on the site.
The B-SCAN system is designed to guide the electronic processing, storage and online retrieval of paper documents associated with construction permit applications.
25 /CNW-PRN/ -- Encal Energy President and CEO, David Johnson, today expressed disappointment at the Alberta Energy & Utilities Board's suspension of a construction permit for Encal's Wilson Creek pipeline.
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