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Synonyms for validity

Synonyms for validity

the quality of being authentic

Synonyms for validity

the quality of being valid and rigorous

the quality of having legal force or effectiveness


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the property of being strong and healthy in constitution

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Five types of validity were used in validation efforts associated with the ACE: (1) content validity, (2) factorial validity, (3) convergent and discriminant construct validity, (4) known-groups discriminant validity, and (5) a descriptive discriminant function analysis.
The WPP correlated significantly with the Employability Maturity Interview (EMI) supporting construct validity (r = .
This paper considers the construct validity of averting costs as a measure of the economic benefits of a particular improvement.
Both adequate domain sampling and parsimony are important to obtain content and construct validity (Cronbach and Meehl, 1955).
Factor Analysis for Construct Validity: To determine the number of factors being assessed on MMI examination as a whole and to assess the construct validity of each station we used item-wise data for all stations for Exploratory Factor Analysis.
In order to test the construct validity related issues, Indecisiveness Scale and its subscales were correlated with indecisiveness scale (IS) by Germeijes and De Boeck (2002).
Then, another 100 participants were selected to perform the EFA again to test the construct validity.
Construct validity and generalizability of Pediatrics clerkship evaluation at a problem-based medical school, Bahrain.
Thus, the current article seeks to develop a measure of state humility and evaluate initial evidence of its construct validity by having participants focus on spiritual or highly meaningful experiences.
Similar to reliability, there are different types of validity that can be established when evaluating a tool, which include content validity, criterion-related validity, construct validity, and factor analysis (Polit & Beck, 2016).
Construct Validity of Pegboard Tests for Fine Finger Dexterity
The first purpose of this study was to provide construct validity of the CSOS for use with varsity student-athletes participating in team sports.
Therefore, the purposes of this study were to translate and culturally adapt the MFS into Persian language, and to assess the discriminative validity, construct validity, concurrent criterion-related validity, internal consistency reliability, and test-retest reliability of the Persian MFS (PMFS) in young athletes with LBP.
The present study intends to estimate the construct validity of indegeniously developed Coping Styles Scale (CSS) in Urdu (i.
The construct validity of organizational knowledge assets can be ensured if the construct domain is specifically based on a holistic conceptual framework that integrates the process by which organizations create knowledge (Mitchell & Boyle, 2010).