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Only if it does, and does not regard untranslated canon tokens as authoritative in some wider sense than that suggested by a moderate construal of Pius XII's words, will the luxuriant lexical loveliness of the Lord's scriptural kisses be returned to him with as much passion as they were given.
It would be helpful to consider the dichotomy between folk models and expert models of conceptualization apart from these culture-specific construals of Spanish Caribbeanness.
2) On this other construal, a "libertarian society" would be one in which the official governing philosophy, incorporated into its political constitution, is libertarian.
Complementation constructions can consequently be seen as a tool for "putting conceptualizers on stage", that is, enriching the immediately available construals with the perspective represented by a participant not profiled in the ground and clarifying the degree to which the speaker aligns herself with that perspective.
Moreover, their struggles with the inherent dangers of interpretation and their construals of themselves at the expense of their private selves can arouse empathy as well as condemnation.
In their different construals, the Justices give expression to different poles held in tension and hitherto unresolved one way or the other.
Kahan has sympathies with both construals of expressivism.
In accordance with the English patterns for collections of people, two alternate construals of collections in (6) are possible: (13) one, which is marked by the verb in the singular, highlights the unity of the relevant whole, while the other, which takes the plural verb, gives greater prominence to individual members-soldiers subsumed by that whole.
The diminished sexual satisfaction of many couples may, in part, be due to their construals of their sexuality, construals reflecting some of the distorted (to our eyes) understandings of Chrysostom, Gregory, or Augustine.
First, irreversibility language is perniciously ambiguous and invites conceptual and moral problems on all construals of its meaning and strength.
Ultimately, Greene argues, "while the poetics of embassy and immanence respond to the same worldly pressures, their construals of the world are different enough to force them into what we can see only as opposed views on sixteenth century cultural politics" (191).
Martin Jay has argued that twentieth-century continental philosophy can even be characterized as a radical rejection of the visual, spatial (perspectival) model associated with Cartesianism and its presumed relation to positivist construals of modernism.
Individuals construct high-level construals (abstract and central mental representations) for distant future events and low-level construals (detailed and peripheral mental representations) for near-future events.
Christian emotion-virtues are concern-based construals of reality.
The work is divided into three parts in which Shults outlines the challenges facing construals of infinity as immaterial substance, Trinity as a single subject, and eternity as first cause (part 1), traces the emergence of renewed reflection on "intensive Infinity," "robust Trinity," and "absolute Futurity" in the work of prominent Reformed, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, and Orthodox theologians (part 2), and sketches a proposal for weaving the trajectories together in a doctrine of the biblical God that is good news in our contemporary culture (part 3).