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a constitutional system of government (usually with a written constitution)

advocacy of a system of government according to constitutional principles

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But in terms of restoring good government in Washington, what is more realistically achievable: electing a constitutionalist to the presidency, or electing constitutionalists to Congress, particularly the House of Representatives?
Despite their break with earlier constitutional theorists, popular constitutionalists still claimed adherence to the Constitution, as they sought to reclaim it from courts and return it to the "people.
The claim that Scalia and Thomas are strict constitutionalists is far-fetched.
He discusses Wilson's reasons for favouring the Constitutionalist forces that united temporarily to eject "the usurper" from power, and outlines the methods Wilson employed--including outright military intervention--in order to achieve a change in the Mexican government.
A barrier posed by both the due process and the privileges or immunities clauses, and viewed as anachronistic by 21st century constitutionalists, is the requirement of state action as a precondition for the enforcement of rights.
But if, he allows, you're one of those pesky constitutionalists "wedded to the civilian law-enforcement model," at least amend Miranda.
He continues on through the post-Waco/Ruby Ridge militia resurgence to where we are now, introducing us to key leaders of a movement that is not the monolithic stereotype many assume, as evidenced by the schism separating malignant factions promoting hate from Constitutionalists promoting rights for all.
He argues that, while what he calls liberal constitutionalists and Islamic constitutionalists differ on important moral and political questions, a "convergence" has taken place around certain issue areas.
If the second House is totally elected, the constitutionalists will find a way for it to relate to the House of Commons, and hopefully stand up to it if it permits a Prime Minister to dragoon it into compliance with proposals which are unacceptable to a broad swath of the electors.
It includes a large cadre of conservative constitutionalists strongly critical of Patriot Act provisions that make it easier for the government to intrude on personal privacy rights and civil liberties without judicial review or Congressional oversight.
Whatever the reasons, the question of monarchy is something that will be poised by constitutionalists and other theorists for years to come.
The Greens were consistently outperformed by Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Independents, and Socialists.
Chalmers identifies "a loose, violent white supremacist network of cults, compounds, tax resisters, constitutionalists, churches, racists, nativists, anti-Semites, Nazis, paramilitary training camps, posses, militias, survivalists, bombers, bank robbers, skinheads, and millenialists as well as the bedraggled and depleted legions of Klansmen and Klanswomen" (163-64).
There are monarchists, socialists, constitutionalists, Zoroastrians, republicans, hard-core communists, moderate Islamists, Mossadeghists, Azeris, and other less well-defined confederations of students, aging ex-students, and businessmen distributed throughout the West.
Under Abdul Hamid's autocratic rule, the Ottomanists and Constitutionalists went into exile.