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the convention of United States statesmen who drafted the United States Constitution in 1787

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Markwell acknowledges the curious nature of constitutional conventions as 'essentially unwritten rules based on principle and precedent, which are considered binding although usually not legally enforceable.
But while Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones may have been somewhat ahead of the curve by calling (in January 2012) for a UKwide constitutional convention to consider how the UK should be governed, this idea has finally garnered growing support in the wake of a shock opinion poll last week which put the Yes side narrowly ahead for the first time.
First Minister Carwyn Jones's call for a constitutional convention more than two years ago went unheeded at Westminster where the three main parties now propose a new Scottish "Home Rule Bill", if Scotland votes No on Thursday.
Clearly constitutional conventions are not a new phenomenon.
6) Constitutional conventions are unwritten political norms, which evolve from practices and customs.
During both the December 2008 'parliamentary crisis' and the 2011 federal election campaign, the Conservative Party of Canada, led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, appeared to hold markedly different views on key constitutional conventions than those espoused by opposition leaders and constitutional experts.
Still, the question of whether Article V permits limited constitutional conventions remains an interesting one, and its answer (or potential range of answers) might supply a background principle against which to construe state applications identifying a particular topic for amendments.
Setting out the case for a constitutional convention, he will say: "Those of us who are committed to the UK cannot pretend that, if Scotland goes, the remaining truncated Union could simply carry on as before.
By placing responsibility for safeguarding constitutional conventions with those actually administering the constitution, the electorate is made the ultimate arbiter of the existence and wisdom of the conventions.
Senate to define marriage exclusively as a union of one man and one woman, talk began to circulate favoring a constitutional convention to accomplish the task.
17) Of these bodies, five were created specifically to prepare for upcoming constitutional conventions,(18) while six were formed to study and propose changes to the existing constitution.
The language of this tradition, whether ultimately chosen or avoided, provides an essential understanding of New York's current article governing constitutional amendments and revision and its two mechanisms of constitutional change: legislative proposals and constitutional conventions.
It has been more than a century since Californians held their only two constitutional conventions.
A recent review of the state constitutional conventions in Oregon (1857) and Washington (1889) for an amicus brief in Locke v.
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