Constitutional Union Party

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a former political party in the United States

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Fearing that growing radicalism on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line could lead to disunion and war, he organized a group of "opposition" congressmen who would form the nucleus of the Constitutional Union Party.
He contended that the dangers of sectionalism had brought the Constitutional Union Party into existence as a middle party between hostile Democrats and Republicans and that the election of Lincoln would be disastrous for the nation.
The threat had stimulated the formation of the Constitutional Union Party and the candidacy of John Bell.
On 10 August the "Address of the National Executive Committee of the Constitutional Union Party to the People of the United States" appeared in the National Intelligencer.
The "Letter" argued that the Constitutional Union Party would represent the "tangible" (commercial) interests of the two states better than the Democrats or Republicans could.
The overriding objective of the Constitutional Union Party was to present voters with a moderate alternative to the sectional parties in the election of 1860.
When the Whig Party disbanded in 1854, Crittenden and others like him looked for a new home, eventually forming the Constitutional Union Party.
AaAaAaAa Mohamed Abied, secretary general of the Constitutional Union Party (UC), siad the return of Haidar made her aware that she took the wrong path, insisting that the kingdom remains firm in applying the laws in force on its territory.
The book's subtitle describes the major theme of this biography Harlan was the last Whig justice in the sense of his unflinching commitment to a fundamental credo of nationalism, best dgmonstrated in his commitment to the Constitutional Union party on the eve of the Civil War.