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David Addison, President and CEO of Constitution State, said, "After completing an extensive due diligence process, Open Solutions was the obvious choice for us.
Article 62 of the Egyptian constitution states the "Freedom of movement, residence, and emigration shall be guaranteed.
Constitution states that anyone married to a foreign citizen cannot become president or vice-president.
MNS has lost its federal funding, as its constitution states two legislative assembles are to be held annually.
The draft of the constitution states, that a new national organization be formed and should include the central executive committee, core committee and overseas body.
Today, not only am I entrusted with the premiership, but also with the entire nation amid the presidential vacuum," he indicated, explaining that article 64 of the Constitution states that the Cabinet takes its decisions through agreement or through the absolute majority or that of the two third of the Cabinet members.
While we value that no one should be subject to discrimination, as the first article of the constitution states, this does not mean that the essence of marriage should be modified," the bishops' June 18 statement said.
Shura Council member Faoud Al Haji told the GDN that housing privileges should be taken away from people whose citizenship have been withdrawn by a court order because the constitution states homes should only be given to Bahraini families.
The Nigerian constitution states that each of the country's 36 states must be represented in the national cabinet by at least one minister.
The Council clarified that the paragraph 3-1 of Article 41 of the Constitution states that the President has an exclusive right to unilaterally appoint early presidential elections.
Article 100 of the constitution states that any MP has the right to interpellate the Prime Minister and Ministers about affairs under their jurisdiction.
Article 101 of the Constitution states that a person's ties to their party and their membership in Parliament end once they are elected president.
An annual report released by the state department on international religious freedom noted that although Pakistan's constitution states that every citizen is allowed to practice his/her religious beliefs without any restriction yet there are other laws and provisions that curb this right, the Dawn reported.
The constitution states that, after a government resignation, the President has to allow all parties present in the National Assembly to forge a new cabinet, before disbanding the current one, appointing a date for early elections and setting up a caretaker government.
But the council's constitution states "no video, voice call, recordings or photographs are to be made or taken without the agreement of the chair".
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