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Synonyms for constituent



Synonyms for constituent

serving as part of a whole, as a nondetachable part of a larger unit

one of the individual entities contributing to a whole

Synonyms for constituent

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The features unveiled Wednesday will make that interaction a two-way street by helping those elected officials better understand and interact with their constituents.
In addition, manipulations that aid morphological decomposition (such as having the two constituents in different colours or separated by a space) slowed the processing of opaque compounds but did not affect the processing of transparent compounds (Ji et al.
Tenders are invited for Constituent Relationship Management System
For example, CRM's service function facilitates the provision of information to constituents.
The second is recording opinions received from constituents about particular bills.
We, as their constituents, are responsible for voting (or not voting) them into office, as our "representatives".
This] joint proposal represents just the latest step in our effort to explore ways to engage the participation of, and further improve the standard-setting process for, our private company constituents.
The Act, which, among other things requires firms and their auditors to attest to the effectiveness of controls over financial reporting, offers tangible benefits to every real estate investment constituent including the advisor, financer, investor, lessor, lessee, transaction processor and acquirer among others.
Determine how best to effect change in the GAAP standard-setting process to meet the financial reporting needs of private company constituents.
That meant establishing a Web-based, self-service solution that constituents could access anytime, form anywhere.
Primary constituents are those benefiting directly from the organization's services--in the case of long term care facilities, residents and their families.
The average increase in casework services to constituents in the past five years is 35%.
Sunday to meet constituents and hear their problems and suggestions.
A site characterization is first performed on a waste unit, which yields the detected constituents and their analytical results within the waste unit media (soil; and if present, surface water and sediment).
In teams of three or four constituents, these CPAs explained AB 1016's nuances and the importance of conformity for California taxpayers.