Constantine the Great

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Emperor of Rome who stopped the persecution of Christians and in 324 made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire

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Julian was born in Constantinople, a member of the Constantinian dynasty; his father was half-brother to Constantine the Great.
The manuscript, which was written by a number of people around the time of Constantine the Great, has been made available at the Codex Sinaiticus website and the British Library is marking the achievement with an exhibition from July to September.
The exhibition begins in 330, when Constantine the Great transformed the Greek city of Byzantium into his new capital, Constantinople, and ends with the fall of the city to the Ottomans in 1453.
It is here we learn of the transformation of Christianity after the conversion of Constantine the Great, and the emergence of Christianity as an official and public religion in the fourth century.
Spier there are six further essays which discuss Jewish art and biblical exegesis in the Greco-Roman world, the emergence of Christian art, the nature of early Christian images and exegesis, the relationship between Constantine the Great and this early art, church decoration after it emerged as the religion of the empire, and early decorated Bibles.
326: Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, who has converted to Christianity, begins to build churches and shrines devoted to Jesus in Jerusalem.
It was changed to Constantinople named in honour of Constantine the Great.
Later, Pilgram Marpeck developed, gradually, a good understanding of the progress, or rather fall of the church, accentuated by such landmarks as the reign of Constantine the Great.
The airport at Nis, named Constantine the Great, was totally refurbished in 2003 and is regarded as Serbia's second international airport, behind the principal gateway, Nikola Tesla International Airport near the capital Belgrade.
Nor was it the Better for the church when Constantine the great, first Established Christianity by human Laws.
Around 345AD, Emperor Constantine the Great decided he wanted them moved to Constantinople (now Istanbul).
Constantine the Great, despite establishing Christianity as the official religion of Rome, was capable of remarkable acts of cruelty, which included having his own wife and son put to death.
The coins have been attributed to Constantine the Great (AD307-337).
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