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a lake in southeastern Germany on the northern side of the Swiss Alps

the council in 1414-1418 that succeeded in ending the Great Schism in the Roman Catholic Church

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What if the trust is created by Betty, and Constance, as trustee of the trust, wants to consult with the CPA regarding her concerns?
Chief Moore said that until Minister Deb Matthews designates Kunuwanimano as a Children's Aid Society, Ontario CAS workers will remain prohibited from Constance Lake First Nation.
Carmen's lawyer William Panton told a High Court jury that Constance had not exaggerated the incidents in her book but invented them.
Constance is the much-admired wife of a successful doctor (played by Stephen Caffrey) whose philandering sets the play in motion.
The very last item on the website addresses Constance Gee and the marijuana use, which has been reportedly used for an inner-ear ailment.
Compare a Constance Verrier, Malgretout rompt d'entree de jeu avec le dispositif para- et metatextuel qui assigne un protocole de lecture a Constance Verrier.
The "Sense of Place", the cultural construction of the south German landscape, the peculiarity of the Swabian mental topography, the threatening quality of the Black Forest, the Alpine image of the Allgau and the warm, sunny climate of the region of Lake Constance, played an important role in determining the cultural construction of Greater Swabia which in turn had a deep influence on the local political culture.
It is at this moment that it becomes clear that it is actually Trevor who can't forget about his lost love, particularly when Constance catches him kissing a fish as he dreams of her.
Grace is the child of a movie star named Constance Meredith, and she and an entourage have traveled around the world to wherever her mother is working on a film.
They're cheap, easy to obtain and very addictive, and so begins the Constance Lake First Nation's battle against prescription drug abuse.
Constance Brown owns and runs Brown's CafA in Pembroke, with her family and 72-year-old colleague Ivy Thomas.
Only Barry seems to be heading in the right direction with his university lover Constance.
In this instance, as at the subsequent Council of Constance (1414-18), Gerson emphasized the Schism as the consequence of inadequate attention to church reform.
According to his children, Constance and Philip, the cause of death was pneumonia.