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Synonyms for gemination

the doubling of a word or phrase (as for rhetorical effect)

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the act of copying or making a duplicate (or duplicates) of something


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Yet, as I explained in the previous chapter, this does not aid in providing a description of the Estonian quantity system, which allows vowel and consonant lengths to be combined independent of each other.
There were insufficient numbers of words longer than three syllables to test differences in consonant length between words containing at least four syllables and words containing fewer than four syllables.
Pairwise results of Scheffe's posthoc tests comparing foot-medial consonant length in different foot types are presented in table 1.
In the case of consonants, a problem is posed by the marking of palatalisation and the representation of word-internal and word-final consonant length (e.
Wiedemann clearly noticed the existence of different tones but explained them as specific vowel or consonant lengths similar to quantity contrasts that were discovered in Estonian at the end of the 1850's (1861 : 11).