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Synonyms for gemination

the doubling of a word or phrase (as for rhetorical effect)

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the act of copying or making a duplicate (or duplicates) of something


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Treating V insertion and CV reduplication as possible co-existing outcomes of empty mora insertion in a given language also generates the further expectation that CV reduplication could alternate with consonant gemination as a means of realizing the inserted mora.
Apart from this, Luick discusses processes such as the early consonant gemination, early changes in consonant clusters, continuations of the earlier palatalisation processes, metatheses and distant assimilation as well as several other minor developments.
Also, references concern Luick's account of the evolution of the cluster <sc> (179), fates of the velars (180-182), palatalisations (185), critical evaluation of Luick's account of the evolution of the semivowel [j] (189), shift of the yogh to [hi (191), and consonant gemination (203-204).