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a room housing control equipment (as in a recording studio)

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And over the past five years, fans of the popular sci-fi show have been able to simulate flying the Doctor's blue phone box, explore the old Tardis console rooms and take in the numerous props and costumes, thanks to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff Bay.
At this level, too, you'll find a fully-fitted wine store, a fitted media store, and games console room - just what you need after a set of tennis on the house's hard court.
The Dr Who Tardis playset - a reproduction of the time machine's console room - is a must for fans of the BBC series.
A raised floor for the console room makes wiring simpler, quicker, and neater.
for upgradation and Conversion of Brachytherapy wing Existing Male Therapy Ward (LDR) into C-60 HDR Bunker and Female Therapy ward into Console Room and Patient Recovery Room.
The focal point of the tour is the new TARDIS console room, which has been on screen since the 2012 Christmas special and will be featured in the much-anticipated 50thanniversary episode on November 23.
But those with less energy might instead want to relax in the house's games console room.