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a political or theological orientation advocating the preservation of the best in society and opposing radical changes

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In addition to spiritual action and adventure, Peretti's books served up a heavy dose of conservative politics.
It is a massive decision for me because I have spent all my life in Conservative politics, my father and great uncle were Conservative lord mayors and I was a Tory councillor.
The Christian right has become bitterly disappointed with its repeated failure to get Republicans to enact its programs concerning abortion, gay marriage and the family, said Allitt, author of Catholic Intellectuals and Conservative Politics in America, 1950-1985.
The blog, called Conservative Politics - Texas Style, had posted a dubious list of House members whom it claimed were supporting Simpson, as the Austin American-Statesman reports.
In my 50 years in conservative politics at the national level, I have never heard anyone other than Governor Romney describe himself as 'severely' conservative.
IT may strike some as odd, or at best naive, to hear the bold assertion that Latinos are undergoing a realignment toward more conservative politics that will soon result in greater electoral success for the GOP.
As Berlet and the late Margaret Quigley write in their overview essay, "The right has managed to shift the spectrum of political debate, making conservative politics look mainstream when compared with overt bigotry, and numbing the public to the racism and injustice in mainstream politics.
Richard Viguerie, in his book The New Right, put it this way: "Paul Weyrich and Howard Phillips spent countless hours with electronic ministers like Jerry Falwell, James Robison, and Pat Robertson, urging them to get involved in conservative politics.
We must not change the conservative politics Chiba has been pursuing,'' Iwase declared at his office at the launch of his campaign.
Pro-Europeans such as Ken Clarke, Stephen Dorrell, David Curry and Ian Taylor could then be brought back into the front line of Conservative politics, he said.
It is, in fact, part of a larger attempt to aestheticize and eroticize war and violence and is also linked to a conservative politics of gender being promoted not so subtly by the Bush administration.
There, involved in politics, he displayed an early aptitude for translating conservative politics into street theater; in 1997, a sophomore, he stood on a Raleigh avenue as President Clinton's motorcade passed, a bearded Abe Lincoln mask over his head, and held a sign saying, "Who's sleeping in my bed?
He was presenter of Channel 4's Business Daily programme when he became heavily involved in Conservative politics, helping draft speeches for the then-littleknown Chief Secretary to the Treasury, John Major.
Gobi, D-Spencer, attended the event yesterday with a proclamation from the state House of Representatives, but she couldn't resist having a little sport with the retired moderator's conservative politics.
In any case, The Conservative Soul is an elegant account of one person's estrangement from the contemporary Republican Party and a step toward the reclamation of conservative politics for a more moderate crowd--a task made more urgent by the recent midterm elections.
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