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a political party (especially in Great Britain or Australia) that believes in the importance of a capitalist economy with private ownership rather than state control

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In Fanning's judgment, during the years before the Great War, the Conservative and Unionist Party leaders refused to work out a compromise on Ulster because a settlement of the Irish question would rob them of the best election issue with which to defeat the Liberals; the Liberal Party insisted on passing the Home Rule Bill before they publically agreed to the exclusion of Ulster because they feared that otherwise they would lose the votes of the Irish Parliamentary Party that kept them in power' a parliamentary stalemate.
He told the Western Mail: "What I believe is David Cameron is leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party and the leader of our party will always be [in] the parliament that is the Parliament of the United Kingdom.
The Conservative and Unionist Party is these days dominated by English nationalists.
Fraser told supporters a new direction was vital because the existing Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party "will never succeed in its current form".
They show that in three region-wide elections held in Northern Ireland within one year (May 1996-97) the average share of the vote of the Unionist bloc--the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP), the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), the United Kingdom Unionist Party (UKU), the Progressive Unionist Party (PUP), the Ulster Democratic Party (UDP) and the Conservative and Unionist Party (Con)--was 50.
But it's sometimes forgotten that today's Conservative and Unionist Party - that's the official name - is the result of a merger, in 1912, between the old Conservatives and the Liberal Unionists.
Conservatives in Scotland have failed to make such an impact in the Scottish Parliament but Ms Davidson is nevertheless the official leader of the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party; there will also be a leader of the new Conservative and Unionist Party of Northern Ireland.
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