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a political party (especially in Great Britain or Australia) that believes in the importance of a capitalist economy with private ownership rather than state control

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Conservative Grassroots has been remarkably successful in a very short space of time in underlining many of the core problems within the Conservative Party, but now we must be successful in also moving onto an agenda for constructive thought and ideas.
Either senior leaders of the Conservative Party were directly involved in election fraud or they were astoundingly negligent in securing access to their voter database.
The Conservative Party has always stood for people who want to work hard and get on, and I am glad that all those behind me take that very seriously indeed.
Our callers encourage these identified supporters to get out and vote for the Conservative Party on election day.
The Bulgarian conservative party RZS doubts the accuracy of the results from the mayor elections in the city of Gabrovo.
She served as the shadow minister for community cohesion in 2007, and as vice chairperson of the Conservative Party from 2005 to 2007.
The Conservative Party has sacked a candidate in a key target seat - after accusing him of failing to pull his weight.
The PM said: "Not one of the leading parties in Europe supports the position of the Conservative Party.
A LINK between the Conservative Party and Ulster Unionists could forge a new political force in Northern Ireland, David Cameron said yesterday.
A document obtained by a Sunday newspaper revealed pounds 487,000 given to the Conservative Party was used to support Mr Osborne's office at the donors* specific request.
Last month, when the Nobel Peace Prize winner announced he was joining the Conservative Party, he played down suggestions he had an eye on any top job.
This Conservative Party is presumably unrelated to the one which still retains Ann Winterton as its MP for Congleton despite a public 'joke' in 2002 about an Englishman throwing a Pakistani out of a railway carriage coach because, the Englishman said, 'they are 10 a penny in this country'.
They are supported by conservative family groups like Focus on the Family, Real Women, Kids First, pro-life groups and the Conservative Party of Canada.
A Conservative Party spokesman said yesterday: "We have no record of Lord Archer rejoining the Conservative Party.
The Canadian Press (CP) reported last week that the country's Conservative party has introduced a new plan that would provide a 16-percent federal income tax rebate to commuters that use mass transit.
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